Sunday, May 8, 2011

And the fourth day in D.C. my true love gave to me...

On Saturday we headed on an excursion to Mount Vernon, George Washington's estate.

You think the house is amazing, I wish I could show you the estate. The grounds are ridiculous.
We got lost in between the upper and lower gardens, the fruit nursery and more.

A nice touch is the actors who dress the part of colonial times and stay in character.
My favorite was Nelly, the granddaughter of G. Washington. She hosts a Q and A, and it was hilarious.
She must have been an acting student because she did not break character.
Matthew asked something about "George" and she exclaimed, "George! Even I don't call him George!" (in a fake British accent). Lesson learned: show the Prez a little respect.

 We signed up for the 'National Treasure 2' tour. It was the perfect mix of pop culture and history to make it interesting.
If you haven't seen the movie, I'll fill you in. One scene is centered around a party scene at Mount Vernon where Nicolas Cage (or Nic, as the tour guide called him) lures the president away with a treasure map that leads them to the basement of George Washington's house.
The basement is forbodden to visitors, unless you pony up the $5 and get on the tour.

 Pictures were also forbidden in the basement.
This started my covert career in D.C. taking pictures when I wasn't supposed to.

While there is no hidden treasure in the basement, it was neat to hear how the movie deviated from reality.
I love getting the insider scoop. And the tour guide really mixed in the history and the movie biz perfectly.

Here is where I was grilled on my pronunciation of the Potomac River.
I practiced all week so I didn't sound like a loser.
Pa-t-O-mac. Long 'o'.
Quiz me, I can totally do it.


  1. Great pictures! It looks like you guys had fun. I am totally jealous- I LOVE the east coast.

  2. Nice tri-cornered hat! And you're right-- Mt. Vernon is an AMAZING estate! Wowzas.

  3. i love wdc. makes me feel ultra patriotic! looks like you had a blast! <3


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