Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday, sundae, sundai, sundee

We spent Sunday morning teaching primary with Kim.
The kids were hilarious- hopelessly obsessed with Jimmer (can I ever escape Jimmer-mania?!), but sweet.
I almost missed being in Primary. Almost.

Post-church we had a snack and hit the road to Arlington to visit the Arlington Cemetery (very aptly named).
Aside from being robbed by the parking attendant. ($7.50 for two hours?! How dare you?.)
The Arlington National Cemetery is a military cemetery.
This isn't any old cemetery- former presidents are buried here, along with some Supreme Court justices, and of course, our military veterans.

The highlight of the cemetery is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.
Soldiers who are either MIA or unidentifiable are honored here.
It is perpetually guarded, with a changing of the guard every half hour (during the warm seasons, every hour on the off-season).
The ceremony is executed with extreme precision, and it always draws a crowd.

Beginning the switch.

Arlington Cemetery was home to the Arlington House before it was a cemetery. (hence the name. They are so creative here.)
Martha Washington's great-granddaughter lived here with her husband Robert E. Lee.

One picture inside was most curious. Why is Robert E. Lee a girl in this picture? Did someone in the printing process switch the photos? A need a historian to explain this to me. I must know.

Next we got on the freeway, got off, accidentally got on again and got off and finally made it to the Iwo Jima Memorial (also known as the Marine Corps War Memorial).
It was really awe inspiring because it was so large.
It was modeled after this iconic picture.
I'm glad we made it, even if it took us a bit to get there.
Next we stopped by the Washington, D.C. temple.
I've heard that accidents on the freeway are caused by the stark beauty of the temple.
I totally get that.

Does the view get any better than that?

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