Friday, May 13, 2011

Montag on Capitol Hill

Big things happened while we were in D.C.

Due to the death of bin Laden (you know, America's Most Wanted), the metro ride into D.C. was tension filled with policemen with M-4 rifles (semi-automatics with a pistol whip and gun barrels with blazing torque and steel silencers. OK, I know nothing about guns, but I know the M-4 part is right. Someone smart told me.) But we made it to the Capitol with just enough time to make it through security.

We started off our tour with a man in a gold loin cloth.
No Monday should be started without it.

We had our tour of the U.S. Capitol that morning, and this statue was our meeting point. Can't miss it.
I scheduled our tour with our Congressman (after he denied us our White House tour) in advance.
While you can get tickets the day of, I strongly recommend going with your congressman.
It is like the ultimate fast pass. Our tour was given by one of the most important politicos: the intern.
And he was hilarious.
And we got to jump in front of all of the lines.
Everyone mocks the planner, but it pays to plan ahead, guys.
1. This star inside of the Capitol used to be the center of D.C. (I can't remember why it isn't anymore.)
Intern said people rub it with their feet for good luck.
So we did.
2. The old senate room. No pictures are allowed in the current senate room.
So this will have to do.
Love the curtains.
3. The fresco on the ceiling in the rotunda depicting the apotheosis of G. Washington.
4. Next was the rotunda, a circular room with life size paintings and sky high windows.
Finally, some light!

This is also the room I got yelled at by a security guard because I touched a statue.
My middle name is danger.
Or I'm an idiot who can't keep her hands to herself.

I loved the capitol. (However, skip the visit to the current senate room. We had to wait FOREVER, and you walk into the room and leave. I'd rather see it on C-SPAN.)
Matthew and Kim had to ditch us after the Capitol tour. (work, smerk)
So Jacob and I headed over to one of my biggest anticipations: the Library of Congress.
The entryway only upped my anticipation to enter the library.
Gimme books!
A library without books?
Where are all of the books?

If the above room is called the reading room, then where are all of the BOOKS?!

Look! I found books!
In the gift shop. At least they had my favorite type of book: books about books.

(Really- I loved the Library of Congress. Seeing the Gutenberg Bible was impressive. But I wasn't prepared for no books. Yeah, yeah, I get that they don't want tourists' grimy hands all over the books, but I didn't know. Forgive me, I'm new.)
 Next we hit up another library. Also with no books.
The Shakespeare Folger Library is kiddie-corner to the Supreme Court, and is one of those museums where they love guests. We were treated very well and got an inside look at the stage.

The museum docent really wanted to take a picture of us in front of the statue of Puck from 'A Mid Summer Night's Dream.' It was awkward. And totally awesome.
The Supreme Court was the next logical step on our agenda.
To start off, the building is spectacular.
We watched a quick video about law in America and went upstairs for a lecture. (per recommendation of the information booth attendee.)
That was the best. advice. ever.
If you do not attend a lecture, you can only see inside the actual courtroom from a far.
But in a lecture, you sit inside the courtroom (no sneaky photos. They had plenty of armed guards) while the 'lecturer' gave us the inside scoop. This is a must.
The Supreme Court Justices' seats from the outside.
Powerful things happen here.
Another view in front of the Capitol. It really is my favorite building. White House, who?

After a quick lunch (linner) at the Union Station, we ran over to the Museum of Natural History.
The hours were extended, so we made it right after it was regularly supposed to close at 5 p.m.
This is the way to do it people.
It was practically empty.
It was terrifying when I had a Ben Stiller moment and the animals came to life.
(Well, the bones are at least real!)
The animal exhibit was pretty cool. (unless you thought that they used to be alive. and then it was a really creepy zoo.)

Another favorite? The photography contest exhibit. I am still in awe.

Phew. I'm exhausted.

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  1. First of all, I am green with envy over your trip to DC. I love the east coast, and I love DC! Secondly, great pictures- it looks like you had a great time!


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