Monday, September 26, 2011

Finishing up September

My office had a BBQ up Provo Canyon and a few of us rode our bikes to Bridal Veil Falls after.
After a week with a few high stress situations, it was nice to breathe in the scenery.
All my bike needs is a basket. But the bike keeper isn't sold. Come on, Dad! You know you want one...

The Falls.
I met a couple from the Netherlands who were sad to learn the tram is no more.
Seems like their travel book is a bit old, but we gave them some good Utah suggestions while they were here.

The weekend was spent immersed in these books.
I am sharing custody of Bernie the sewing machine with Jacob's sister.
I desperately want to sew my own clothes. And the machine can smell my desperation and has revolted.
And I think I bit off more than I can chew. (Perhaps I should start off with a simple pillow case instead of a dress?)
I spent more than 6 hours on a so-called 'One Hour Dress' that I had to give myself a little break from.
The whole sewing episode made me mad at Project Runway, and not just because Bert is still on the show.
(I watched Project Runway while I stitched. How do they do it!?)

I am a sewing ninja.
Or just a weirdo with fabric scissors.
You decide.

Friday night we watched Stacie's band, Juice Box, play at the Riverwoods. I really love what they have done to that place.

Then we walked 10 steps to La Jolla Groves for my longest and now oldest friend Melissa's surprise birthday dinner.(At 26, she is practically geriatric if you ask her. In my work you are not old until you are in your late 80s.) Sadly, no photos to document the event. I'll just leave you with this little blast from the past.

From Spring Break in NYC 2007
You know you want that jumpsuit.

I spent Saturday morning running a booth at the Walk for Alzheimer's and they raised $20,000!
Naturally, Harley the mascot for the Harley Davidson store was there to flirt with all of the girls. Naturally.

After two stressful sewing days, someone surprised me with a treat.
Aaaah. Are we grossing you out yet?
It is my absolute favorite to find little treats or love notes strategically placed for me to find them.
They taste better that way.


  1. Um. I'm so glad that picture from New York made it on to the blog. Awesome.


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