Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things to do in Utah: BYU Museum of Art

A few weekends ago we spent an impromptu date night (great idea, Jacob!) to the BYU Museum of Art.
Great thing is admission to the museum is free.
What can I say, I'm a cheap date.

I have been eying the book exhibit called 'Matter of Words' that is basically art with books and words.

The largest and most expansive part of the exhibit is this art installation of books that weighs 80,000 pounds.

Lots of books.

The rest of the exhibit was really 'arty' and above my taste level, but I loved the concept of using words and written works to convey a visually artistic message. 

We lucked out by visiting the museum the same time that the American History major was hosting an open house. With free pie. Don't mind if we do. (No, we didn't steal pie. The server told us we could have some.)

You would think those art school kids would be all hoighty-toighty.
That facade crashed down when we found this nose pencil sharpener in the gift shop.
(Won't lie. It was $1 and I really want it.)

Other Fall events in Utah County we hit up this weekend:
  • Crucial Conversations Date Night for a good cause. Cupcake pictured above was the refreshment from Cupcake Chic. Don't hate cupcakers. Still don't get the whole cupcake thing, but the red velvet ones were good.
  • Williams-Sonoma free cooking classes every Saturday morning. I went with my friend Erika and we learned how to make true Italian pizza. For some reason, I felt extra nerdy to take pictures that morning. I know what you are thinking, When has that ever stopped you before? Alas. You will just have to imagine my margherita pizza. Beware. If you cannot withstand a good sales pitch, avoid these classes. But if you are good at keeping your wallet closed, carry on. The product push is pretty high and let's be honest, they have you coveting every machine they are using. I'm pretty sure I need a $200 food processor after going to that class.
  • Utah vs. BYU rivalry. The Wasatch War (I think calling it the Holy War is in poor taste) is a Utah favorite. Just not this girl's favorite. I was practically forced to watch the game against my will. However, the Utes dominated and I won dinner and a movie. So not a bad night for those wearing red. Dinner and a movie is our standard rivalry game bet. FYI: Our alma maters play in that game. Does it get heated? I could care less about the game so the sting of losing is not exacerbated in our home. Although, sometimes I drape my Utah shirt on Jacob when he is sleeping after a big win. Just kidding. I think.
Fall is getting off to a busy start.

What say you, blog friends? What should we put on our Utah Fall To-Do list?

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