Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guten Geburstag, Jacob!

Jacob turned the big 2-8.
We both took the day off from work to celebrate the day. because no one should have to work on a birthday.
And it was absolutely wonderful.

Tucanos was the annual birthday choice for Jacob.
He loves meat. And I love the pineapple, so we make a good pair.

Chicken heart, anyone?

I tried to get a photo of the pineapple but those servers move in lightening speed.

If you are a birthday boy you get public humiliation in the form of a tambourine and bongo dance.

But the humiliation always earns a treat.

To top off the day, we went mountain biking at Timpooneke Trail in American Fork Canyon.

The drive up was ridiculously gorgeous. I suspect the rest of the leaves will change within the next week or so. It definitely warrants another drive up the canyon, even if you do have to pay the $6 to drive the Alpine Loop (the canyon road that connects American Fork and Provo canyon).

An afternoon jaunt in between conference sessions this weekend?

And then we were off.
Riding through the forest like this was my favorite part.
At times the incline was a little much for this first timer, and I fell off and had to walk my bike the rest of the hill (because of lack of momentum). I felt the burn either way.

The birthday boy riding the thin trail.
This photo shows the wide part of the trail. 
At times it was so narrow that my pedals would hit the side and I would just eat it. (I have awful balance.)
But thankfully I only really fall over twice.
And almost again when a huge bird flew out of the bush when I rode by.

Views to die for.

Intense biker face.

A very tired biker.
Also, my bike helmet strap chokes me when I wear it right. Any suggestions? Make a little makeshift pillow to put in between? (Yep, I am that challenged. I even have a hard time with turtlenecks.)

With Padre.
I'm pretty sure he was trying to figure out a way to off me.
This is an intense ride for an experienced rider and a big challenge for a newbie.
Well played dad, but not this time.

It was a wonderful day and I could not think of a better thing (person) to celebrate.
Happy birthday, Jacob! I am so glad that you were born.


  1. Happy Birthday Jacob! You are a great birthday buddy :)

  2. Happy B-Day Jacob! But Steph, I have one thing to ask you. Where is the basket that is supposed to be on the front of your bike?


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