Sunday, September 11, 2011

A day free of labor

Long weekends make my life.
I work M-Th so holiday weekends make for a 4 day break.
I look forward to them all year long.
Labor Day weekend is such a weekend.

The best part about a holiday is no responsibilities for either of us.
We get to just hang out all day together.

After running a few errands, perusing Borders (still over priced at 70% off), we had lunch in the canyon.

Along with everyone else in Utah County. It was packed.

And we decided to hike Stewart Falls on a whim.
Also along with everyone else in Utah County.
Great minds think alike.

A rare photo of the trail without a single person on it. (For now.)

Timp from the back side.

The Falls.
Sundance. I would die to have a cabin there.
Or know someone who has a cabin there.

A handsome hiker who carried my bag the whole way.

The hills are alive.......

Right after I took this picture a dad told his kid never to get near the berries.
I guess I was being a bad example.

There was a distinct rustling in this part of the woods.
The offender was never caught.

We got very dusty.

The weather was perfect (overcast and breezy) and the crowds died down toward the end.

We ended the day with a delicious and also impromptu meal.
Necessity and lack of time is where our best ideas come from.

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