Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Falling into October

These days fall can be seen all around.

 Enormous pumpkins on State Street.

Tasty General Conference Bingo treats. I won.
(Wasn't Conference wonderful? It came up so quickly and finished too fast. So inspiring.)

And then fall quickly left and we had snow.
At least for a day.
Bizarre weather we've been having here. Dropped to snow temps and in the 70s tomorrow.

In the meantime, babies were born! I'm an aunt again!
Christopher Thomas Rogers is the newest addition to the Benson family.
He loves his auntie already.

A big yawn.
Because being in the world is exhausting.

Aaaaaaand I'll leave you with this little treasure.

They'll make patterns for anything these days.

Almost as cool as this pattern...

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  1. Bahaha--Stephanie You are AWESOME and crack me up. I just love you to pieces. I sure do miss good ol' utah!
    P.S. Those patterns are pretty much awesome, too! :D


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