Friday, October 21, 2011


This past Sunday we trekked up to Jerome, Idaho for a baby blessing for Emmitt, baby of Jacob's sister Julianne. (Not the same baby from last post. The Bensons have a lot of babies.)
Yes, we tripped it in one day.
Yes, my legs were slightly numb.
But I am so glad that we went.

For starters, we rode up with Jacob's Grandma, Lola who is hard of hearing (or HOH in the senior biz).
After the meeting, Gma Lola asks, "Was the chorister singing in another language?"
Grandma, the whole meeting was in another language.
Julianne and David go to a Spanish speaking branch.
We could not stop laughing. We love her so much.

Auntie Steph with baby Emmitt.
Note: babies in jeans make me swoon.
Double swoon if they are jeggings.

While we were there, Jacob randomly got a cake!

Look at those big baby lips.

Good bye, Idaho. See you for the next baby blessing.

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  1. those lips are amazing! haha Stumbled upon your blog and just had to make that random comment! ha

    (this is my new blog! Come on over and follow along if you'd like!)


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