Friday, October 28, 2011

The Pumpkin Man

Every year we get out pumpkins from Bud the Pumpkin Man, our neighborhood pumpkin man.
He sets up shop in his front yard and sells his pumpkins throughout October, wearing overalls and carrying his cane the whole time.

But some evil neighbor complained about him and he was almost shut down {read about it here}. Thankfully City Council came to their senses and let this local farmer sell his crop. Buy local!

Not only is Bud sweet as pie, he has incredibly affordable prices for pumpkins.

 Big ole' pile of pumpkins. Pick your fave!

I am instantly drawn to smaller pumpkins. Isn't everything cuter when its tiny?
(Also a strategic move. If we carve, small pumpkins = less guts.)

But let's be real. We're not really carving our pumpkins. Carving is not for us.
Which is why Jacob picked one with a 'scar.' Instantly terrifying. Bam.

And witch's pumpkins with warts.

The Pumpkin man has everything.

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