Friday, July 27, 2012

German Cooking Lessons with Oma: Part 1

My Grammy is German. As a kid I though that being half German made me instantly cooler, special in a way. I remember sitting in German class is junior high and half the class had some degree of German ancestry. I realized I wasn't so special, nor was being German ever going to make me cool (bless my awkward little heart).

Even though nothing was going to make me cool, I still think being German is pretty cool and totally awesome. I've always been proud of my German heritage, even if my German speaking skills don't show it.

I asked my Oma to teach me a few of my favorite German recipes. Our first lesson was rouladen, a delicious meat dish that we served over spƤtzle (noodles) and gravy. 

We created a list of at least 15 other dishes and treats I need to learn to cook.
We have some serious cooking to do.

Schmeckt gut!

This blast from the past is from our trip to Germany together in 2004.

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