Friday, July 27, 2012

Heber Valley Camp Family Reunion 2012

 Yes, that is my mother-in-law shooting high into the air on the rope swing.

This is my kind of camping: cabins, industrial kitchens, running water. We had a last-minute family reunion at Heber Valley Camp. I now know how the other side lives (other wards in the valley go here for girl's camp). I am beyond envious.

Activities in the camp included family heritage night, swinging our favorite family members on a huge rope swing, high ropes course and zip line, blind tag (what is life without a little danger?) and a family dance in one of our cabins.

I was in charge of the family dance. Imagine songs from Spice Girls, Hansen, C&C Music Factory, MC Hammer and LMFAO. Toss in some Michael Jackson, Stayin' Alive and YMCA and you have a very sweaty but fun party. We also learned there are some serious dancers in our family. (I am looking at you, Daniel!)

We drove to the boonies in Heber to go four-wheeling, shooting (not my thing, but when in Rome...) and paint balling. 

I got so in touch with my outdoorsy side I don't even know what to do with myself. ;)

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