Sunday, September 16, 2012


This year I turned the big 2-6.
I have a strong belief that birthdays are supposed to be a big deal, no matter your age.

There was some speculation on how I would beat last year's birthday, but alas, I could not. While I didn't risk my life jumping out of a plane, I still had an incredible day (who am I kidding. Really, it was like a week. I extend it as long as possible.)

Here is how I spent my personal holiday.

Dinner with Grammy (AKA my birthday twin).
I was my Oma's birthday present 26 years ago.
We celebrated with an awesome dinner and games.

For my actual birthday I wanted to combine all of my favorite things.
First, I wanted some cool, crisp morning mountain air.
We went up American Fork Canyon and hiked Pine Hollow trail.
I am a picky hiker and asked the ranger for one with trees, no pavement (bad on my knees) and great views. This one pretty much fit the bill.
Seriously, Utah, the scenery is killing me. So in love it hurts.

After a sweaty hike (the cool air didn't last too long), we cooled off by floating down Provo River.
I have never floated the river before and we had a good time (and did it another time a couple of weeks later).
I am still shocked we convinced my mom to come. She is probably shocked she committed to coming.
After a minor incident on the river, I'm not sure if she will ever join us again.
But I am happy she came.
She had the coolest tube with a little compartment for snacks.

Word to the wise: go on a Monday afternoon. We had the entire river to ourselves. Incredible.
I wish I had more photos but my disposable camera got dumped in the river and I am still trying to figure out if it can be developed. (No one is being blamed. Cough, Jacob, cough.)

After floating, Jacob and I saw Moonrise Kingdom.
It had the perfect amount of quirk and was hilarious.
One of my favorite movies of the year.

As if we hadn't done enough, we finished it off with dinner at Pizzeria 712, my favorite Utah County restaurant. (The corn pizza made my life. If I think hard enough, I can still taste it.)

Thank you to everyone who joined me in celebrating my birthday!
And thank you to those who sent their birthday wishes. It really means a lot.

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