Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The End of Summer

Swimming with the Johnson kids, outdoor movie with Benson kids.

Rooftop concert eats: his {station 22}, hers {India Palace}
Provo Rooftop Concert Series. 
S'mores with Gordon and Rose Ann
Blackened marshmallow: if it doesn't light on fire, it isn't done yet.

The waffle truck! Great waffles.
I'm tempted to hire a Belgian to make me waffles all of the time. Soooo good.
Swiss Days in Midway
"Authentic" Swiss tacos
Granny's for dessert. Yes, it lives up to the hype. The berry shake is it.
Rooftop concert with the Becketts. {Fictionist and New Electric Sound}
 Black Sheep Cafe for dinner. Incredible. Go now!

Summer has been kind to us.
The mantra "work hard, play hard" has echoed through our summer.
Busy work days were met with fun-filled summer nights to produce a whirlwind summer.

We don't have TV (got rid of cable and somehow lost the network channels a couple of months later) and we never bothered fixing it and now doubt we ever will.
(It only was a problem during the Olympics. Man, that hurt.)
It is easy after a long workday to just want to veg, but this summer was different.
There was always something going on and we never said no.
Summer was lived to the fullest.
No regrets.

In May we created a Summer Bucket List.
As a planner, I like to look ahead, but it mostly helped me to look forward to something after the post-vacation blues set in.
I am happy to say that we checked everything off but one.

Here is our list:
outdoor move, outdoor concert, roast marshmallows, Thanksgiving Point (never made it), Summer Fest, raspberry picking, Taste of the Valley, Swiss Days, Balloon Fest, Fourth of July Fun, plant garden, bike rides, go sailing, boating, hike, swimming, BBQs.

I'm sad to say goodbye to summer.
I hate the heat, summer clothes and feeling sweaty, so it surprises me to feel this way.
But I mean it.
Good bye, summer. You will be missed.

*This series of photos makes it seem like we spent our summer eating.
I suppose photos don't lie. My gym card has been collecting dust all summer. Too busy eating good food. :)

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