Saturday, September 22, 2012

Raspberry Picking at McBride Briar Patch

On Labor Day we checked off our final summer bucket list item and went raspberry picking.
A couple of years ago we picked at a patch in West Mountain and it was exhausting.
It was hot, the berries were far and few between and we were so scratched up like we had wrestled with an agitated cat.

McBride's Briar Patch in Mapleton was recommended by a co-worker.

It was (with the risk of sounding too overly dramatic) the briar patch of my dreams.
A darling couple runs the picture-perfect patch, complete with a dog running alongside his owner.
It is all about the details.

Pickers are given a bucket to tie around his or her waist to keep your hands free for premium picking.
There were so many berries I found myself picking with one hand and eating with another.

Let me tell you something about raspberry picking. It is addicting.
I knew that we needed enough berries for jam.
I am horrible at quantities and distances, so we just kept picking...
and picking and picking...
until we had 16 pounds. $50 later we rolled out of there, shocked we had picked so many without realizing.
The owners thanked us and said we were practically part owners now.

There were so many berries I had to rip myself away from the vine.
I need my own patch STAT.

As you leave, there is a sign prompting you to pick flowers to take home.
Those flowers brightened our house for more than a week.

We now have to start eating all of our freezer food to make room for our freezer raspberry jam.
Priorities, people.

McBride's Briar Patch
1849 S. 2100 W.
Mapleton, Utah
Find on Facebook here.

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