Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I sported two different costumes at work. I'm not sure what I was, but I was kind of a clown while delivering Meals-on-Wheels (I swear she was smiling seconds before this picture) and a giant mustache for our work potluck.

Every year I have the best intentions for a clever costume, and each year I come up with something the night before.
 My entry for the work door-decorating contest didn't win, but I thought Frankenstina was still pretty awesome. (Nothing could beat last year's entry.)

One of my favorite Halloween traditions is our sloppy joe dinner at my sister's house and trick-or-treating with her kids. All the greats were there including Edna Mode, Mr. Incredible, a robot, cute witch and a pirate and his piratess (I hate the word wench for some reason).
We kept it classy by going as tourists.
And could you believe that we went trick-or-treating in shorts? Utah weather was kind to us this year.

Happy Halloween!

In case you were wondering, yes, Jacob is wearing a women's shirt. With shoulder pads. We keep it real.
And my fanny pack is actually a Walkman holder. Scored big at D.I.

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