Sunday, December 9, 2012

Turkey Weekend

Our first day of turkey-ing went down at my cousins house in Nephi.
The food was wonderful, as was the company.

The day started off in panic when I realized I was missing the key ingredient to my Jell-o salad. Embarrassed, I ran to Winco, praising the fact that they were open.
Jacob spent Thanksgiving morning playing at our ward Turkey Bowl, and like a true old man complained about how sore he was for a week after.

Sisters + cousin | ma and pa
               after-dinner Bunco | three generations of silly

Thanksgiving Part II is always held on the Friday after so the Bensons can all attend.
More good food and great company.
I ate enough in those two days to last a week.
The next day a new family tradition was born: Saturday candy making for Christmas gifts.
My momma makes delicious caramels and fudge so we got together to make a batch of each for my neighborhood/friend Christmas gifts.

We added some sea salt to the caramels and I AM DYING.
I need to give them away before I eat them all. Same goes for the fudge.
Without realizing it, we ate 1/3 of the pan.

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of turkey, fun and family!

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