Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Driving along the Turquoise Coast

After exploring Cappadoccia, we took a hellish overnight bus (tip: pay the extra money and just fly) to Antalya for a road trip along the coast.

So... we rented a car and didn't have a working GPS, running on low sleep after said overnight bus, so without our wits we got extremely lost and bailed on seeing anything in the congested Antalya city center.

Once we got out of the city, the road trip (which consisted of really only one highway) was a bit smoother. Below is some of our stops along the way.

Mount Chimaera

In Lycia is the highly flammable and constantly spouting fire Mount Chimaera.  When methane and other natural gases in the mountain reach the air through cracks in the mountain, the gases turn immediately into flames. One mountainside is covered in spontaneous flame bursts. The flames typically from the same place so you don't have to worry about playing Fire Whack a Mole with your life.
The man, the myth, the legend. The mountain draws fans of the mythical Chimaera, a monster with fire breathing skills. So, welcome to the legend.


Along the famed Lycian Way is the ruins in Myra. The Turkish are fond of carving things into mountains it seems.

Myra also houses an ancient Greek-Roman amphitheater that was built before 141. Things here are so old.

Also in Myra is St. Nicholas Church (or the artist most commonly known as Santa Claus).

With that, we ended in the beautiful Kaş!

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