Sunday, October 23, 2016

Plitvice Lakes National Park

A highlight of visiting northern Croatia is the beautiful Plitvice National Parks. Plitvice (Pleet-veet-seh) is a series of 16 lakes with interlaced with waterfalls and terraces.

For us, the best way to describe our day was wet. Stunning, beautiful but extremely wet. It rained (often pouring) all day. Armed with ponchos and rainboots, we made it through the day.

It felt like all of Croatia was under a cloud, even the disposition of the people we met seemed a little cloudy and damp (read: not particularly friendly, but we were told that was a hallmark of the region).

The park is divided into two sections: upper and lower. We started at the lower lakes entrance which gives you that stunning overlook over the terraces and boardwalk below.

For the most part, the lakes and terraces are connected by a wooden boardwalk that often sat into the water. After a day of heavy rain, there were times I thought we might sink! But alas, no one went swimming that day.

Poncho pals.

In short, Plitvice is a fairly large detour from anything around, however, it is stunning and well worth the trip. I even found a lucky leaf that landed on my umbrella and transferred from my jacket to my boot and I rediscovered it when we arrive in Zagreb. So Plitvice is lucky. :)


  • About 3.5 hours drive from Rovinj and 2 hours from Zagreb, it is really in the middle of nowhere. We stayed at Villa Plitvicka Sedra to be close to the entrance and it fit in best with our budget.
  • Arrive early! Once tour buses descend upon the park it gets CROWDED.
  • Transportation: For the greatest ease, a car is the best way to explore the region if you want flexibility. However, judging by the many tour buses, you can also find a tour there. Do what floats your boat (lake humor, hardy har har).
  • Food: there is not a ton of great food options. The night before we went to the park, we ate at a so-so restaurant near our house (think a lot of meat and potatoes) and we stopped by a grocery store to pick up lunch supplies.
  • Time: give yourself at least a few hours. We spent the night before nearby and then drove to Zagreb after. It was doable but we didn't doddle.

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