Friday, October 14, 2016

Rovinj, Croatia

Old Town view from the Harbor
Rovinj. The Venice of Croatia. With twisting alleyways, we roamed among the cobblestones, rented bikes and ate ice cream in a truly relaxing day and a half.

It is a fishing port on the western side of the Istrian peninsula. On a clear day they say you can see Venice across the Adriatic Sea.

The center of town is a series of side streets and alleys only big enough for pedestrians, which is fun, Unless you have a lot of luggage.

We crossed the border into Croatia without trouble minus the whole 'having my passport at the bottom of my suitcase' incident.

This was more fun than it should have been. ;) We rolled in during the late afternoon to the most charming pension with shutters that opened and closed just like so.

Rovinj doesn't have a tourist route or agenda. It's meant for exploring, slowing down and just enjoying. It's a travel pace I often struggle to make time for but I always enjoy. It was nice not to have to see something.

If you like pictures of bikes, side streets and quaint doors, continue on.
Seaside dinner with fantastic view.

If you must see something, we recommend:

  • Old Town view from the harbor
  • Farmer's market (produce, truffle oil, souvenirs, etc)
  • Views from the bell tower in Church of St. Euphemia (best views in town)
  • Riding bikes around the edge of the harbor as far as we could go
  • Eating as much gelato as possible


  • Transportation: Once you're in Rovinj, everything is accessible on foot or by bike. However, you will definitely want a car to get there. Parking is nearby the harbor and is fairly cheap for the time you are there.
  • Lodging: Most places to stay are not accessible by car. So you will need to carry your luggage if you stay in old town. So consider packing light. :)
  • Money: While Croatia is a member of the EU, it uses the Croatian Kuna. Do not exchange money near the border. You will always get a worse exchange rate. We're found the best rates as ATMs in the city.
  • Relax and enjoy!

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