Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happ-pp-ppy birfday...

{Partners in "crime."}
It was my birthday!

My sweet little niece wrote this for me.
Yes, that is my name.
She told me spelled it all by herself.
I am  thinking about getting it legally changed to be spelled like that.

 My momma made a fabulous breakfast to celebrate the day.
My mom always outdoes herself when she gets to throw a party.
I think she was an event planner in another life.
(and the food was delicious. I felt stuffed in the best way.)
It was so fabulous I could've gone to bed and called it a day.
(L-R: Madison, JoEllen, Janalynne, Jocely, Jilleena, me, Julianne and Katelyn in front)
 After the fabulous breakfast we switched gears to the wedding.
Jacob's sister got hitched in Salt Lake the same day. 
Here are some of the Benson ladies at the temple.
(sadly our numbers were few due to sickness. what are the odds, right?)

{we are getting so good at self portraits}
Me and the hubs.
Love the ties the men got for this wedding.

 We convinced the Conference Center tour guide to give us just a tour of the roof.
I love how the temple looks in the middle of downtown. 
Just beautiful.

Then my SIL's (JoEllen) boyfriend offered to let us swim in his pool.
Seriously, he is so nice. So was the pool.
Perfect for a impromptu birthday swim party.

 My other fabulous SIL (Jilleena) made me a cake!
She really is awesome.
We were short on time so we ate it in the kitchen at the church.

Claire in a bird cage, natch. 

To top off the evening, we went to Dancing Under the Stars at the Scera.
I won tickets so we had to go. (I seriously never win anything!)

We had such a good time. 
Jacob was such a good sport.

It is weird. I have never felt old before.
But 24 seems old. Like I need to start being an adult.


  1. Happy Birthday to you. Love the cage pic. lol so cute and chubby

  2. What a great birfday you had! I love being your momma.


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