Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Forgetting my sunglasses at home and having to wear Jacob's old broken pair that wouldn't stay on my face. (My question is why are we saving these?)
  • Being absolutely positive, beyond a shadow of a doubt, on my mother's future grave, that I turned in my library book....................only to find it under my passenger's seat in my car. Cue walk of shame to return the book AND pay my fine.
  • Refusing to be the last person to leave the office. It gets really dark, ok?
  • Receiving jicama from a co-worker and wondering who put a rock on my desk.

  • Working myself to the bone at a work luau, complete with a candy lei and hula dancers. Don't mind if I do.....
  • A FOUR day weekend!! Four-tens is the best work schedule ever. Holidays are 4 day weekends for me, which equals heaven.
  • Watching Alias like it is going out of style. I. can't. get. enough. I'm thinking we'll name our children Sydney and Vaughn. We're obsessed.
  • Learning what to do with my jicama. Stir-fry, anyone? Thank you , Google.
  • Visiting my Grammy this weekend before playing with friends. I can't wait to see you sunshine!!!!
Have a great weekend! See you on the flip side.

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. What part are you at in Alias??? And, actually, Vaughn WOULD be a really cool name for a kid.

    This weekend I get to work on Saturday..boooo. But hopefully I'll get to go swimming over at my parents after that. Can you believe we haven't even been to the beach yet? I submit that you cannot.

  2. hahaha China deja vu! Except I don't think you got obsessed like the rest of us did in China.... It's a good show.


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