Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stitching with Aunt Steph

Last month I had the privilege of having my niece Reagan over for a sewing date.

For her birthday I gave her a sewing date to make a skirt.
She got to choose the fabric and she would come over for sewing and cookies.
So naturally she chose hot pink leopard print and it suits her perfectly.

She makes a wonderful buddy and she always reminds me why I love being an auntie. However, she did quiz me on why I haven't given her a cousin to play with yet. Smart little seven-year-old.

We shared the chair and I let her push the pedal.
Terrified to push the pedal to hard, Reagan sewed verrrrrry sllooowwwly.
Which is the perfect speed so she could guide the fabric on her own.

Yes, my friends. She stitched (what we can sewing at our house) both sides of the skirt almost all by herself.

Those are our sewing glasses. 
She came over right after Halloween so she found our leftover nerd glasses laying around.
So naturally we had to wear them in order to sew.

AND the skirt even has pockets.


Skirt tutorial found at Freshly Picked.


  1. Oh my goodness she is so big!!! Last time I saw her she was like two! So stinking cute!

  2. How freakin cute is that?! Way ta go Steph...sounds like I need to come over for a few sewing classes! A sewing machine scares me and you have it down! Good job!!!


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