Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

One of my favorite blogs The Daybook features Awkward and Awesome Thursday. This is one of my favorite features, in addition to her rocking style. And I'm joining in this week. Reading her blog only gets awkward when Jacob asks whose blog I am reading and I admit that it is someone that I don't know, but I feel like I know. Does that ever happen to you? No? Just me? Oh, well. Awkward.

- Almost dying going down a semi-black diamond while skiing on Monday. I am clearly a "light blue" skier.
- Anything related to a gynocologist visit. 'Nuff said.
- No fry sauce at Arby's. Wha?!
- Deron Williams leaving the Jazz. This is the only sports related thing I have ever cared about. That is why this is awkward.
- Taking vitamins. Why are they sooo big?
- Listening to my iPod through my computer speakers at work and having Spice Girls come on. And I didn't change it.
- Having a 65-year-old man flirt with me at the Costco gas Pump. Smile and pump. Smile and pump. Smile and run.

- Not dying going down a semi-black diamond while skiing on Monday. I lived to tell the tale!
- Coming up with ideas with Jacob about how to invent the next Snuggie. Hey, it could happen.
- Opening up my sunroof and jamming to the radio for the first time this year.
- My job. Flexible schedule, awesome environment, good cause. I love my job!
- Finishing To Kill a Mockingbird. After two years of accepting the challenge. And after trying to start it four times. I did it. And I liked it.
- Booking our plane tickets for Jacob's graduation trip. D.C., here we come.

What are your Awkward/Awesomes?


  1. awkward- recieving text forwards from the mom of one of Sam's friends that end in "...send this back to me and 200 of your closest friends or you'll be cursed, and have bad hair, and a unibrow forever." Needless to say, I never forward anything. It's a strict policy of mine.

    awesome- being more financially aware and being better about saving my moola!

  2. You are SO CUTE!! I am so glad I found your blog!! I love the "smile & pump"...awesome!!


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